Horseback riding in Breck

Breckenridge is known for legendary yabo亚博 sports appwinter activities — our slopes offer one of the best skiing experiences in the world — but,as the locals say,你会“come for the yabo亚博 sports appwinter 亚博体育滚球and stay for the summer.""

Here are 50 things to do in Breck this 亚博体育滚球summer — from a family-friendly day to an adrenaline-pumping biking excursion.

  • Check outEpic Discovery
    On an unlimited Fun Park ticket you can zoom down the Gold Run Coaster,pan for gold,bounce in the bounce house,推杆高尔夫,乘坐风景优美的缆车,speed down the Alpine Slide,climb the climbing wall,navigate the Mineshaft Maze,在蹦床上弹跳等等!很可能你的腿会筋疲力尽,but you'll have a fantastic smile on your face.

Alpine Slide Breckenridge

  • 听交响乐
    这个国家保留剧目管弦乐队is based in Breck and puts on some of the most incredible symphonies in Colorado.Opening night is June 9 and concerts are held a few times a week throughout the 亚博体育滚球summer.查看活动日历。
  • Give Back to the Forest
  • Get Hands-On Artsy
    探索Breckenridge Create的艺术区和互动节日,such asWAVE: Light + Water + Sound,May 31–June 3 in Blue River Plaza.
  • GoDog Sledding
    "滑雪橇typically happens in the yabo亚博 sports appwinter,正确的?In Breck,our sled dogs need exercising in the 亚博体育滚球summer too,所以我们带他们去越野滑板车。带一只雪橇狗出去,做一辈子的朋友。
  • Learn to Mountain BikeMountain Biking Breck
    Mountain biking can be intimidating,所以像你滑雪一样出发是个很好的选择。Take a lesson from a mountain bike guide to hone your skills,try a new trail,或者只是学习一下布雷克能为你提供什么。
  • 尝试地理教学
    Like scavenger hunts?喜欢徒步旅行吗??寻宝游戏is the perfect combination of both.Rent a GPS or download theGeocaching app要找到隐藏点并使用纬度/经度和指南针找到它们。我们在布雷肯里奇旅游局的朋友在他们的blog.
  • Go to Camp
    亚博体育滚球Summer camp is a bit different at 9,600英尺。在布雷肯里奇山有更多的自然资源可供探索,孩子真的会让他们的想象力。Themes and activities for camp change daily,and multiple-day packages are available.Learn more aboutBreck's 亚博体育滚球Summer Day Camp.
  • 拉下拉链
    Breckenridge's Epic Discoveryziplineswill have you flying up to 40 mph while taking in incredible views of the TenMile Range.
  • Hike to Mohawk Lakes
    According to locals,this hike is one of the most beautiful in the area.一条相当陡峭的小道会带你去老矿屋,a historic mine and one of the most picturesque lakes in Colorado.See 8 wildflower hikes here.
  • 滑雪板
  • Race Rubber DucksRubberDucks_Breck_LaborDay
    每个劳动节周末,thousands of rubber ducks hit the waters of Blue River in a race to support the Summit Foundation.This year the event is on Saturday,9月1日。Kids can enter their ducks and adults can learn more through theSummit Foundation.
  • Go Tubing
    Round up your smallest kiddos and head to Tom's Nugget Tubing Hill on Breckenridge mountain.Learn More.
  • Roast S'mores
    What's 亚博体育滚球summer without a little roasted marshmallow?Head to theDoubleTree by Hilton Breckenridgedaily from 4 to 5 p.m.for FREE s'more roasting on the deck.(Tip — put a rolo in the marshmallow and then roast it for a real treat or use a Nature Valley Granola thin as your cracker — yum!)
  • Mine for Gold
    Breck's roots run deep with mining history and you'd be remiss to not experience our town the way our founders did over 150 years ago.Pan for gold at the base of Peak 8 in the趣味公园then take a mine tour at乡村男孩我的to really see it all.
  • 攀登每一座山在布雷肯里奇徒步旅行
    Scale each of Breck mountain's four peaks.Take the Colorado Chair up to Peak 8 for a head start and remember to bring lots of water as altitude can really effect you above 12,000 feet (Peak 10's summit is at 13,643英尺,9:13,198英尺,Peak 8: 12,998英尺,and Peak 7: 12,677 feet).
  • 吃绉布
    One of the most popular restaurants in town isn't actually a restaurant at all — it's a crepe stand.在主街的市中心,可丽饼拉车提供甜蜜和美味的炮制炉边,一个真正独特的布雷克咬。
  • Find a Diamond Ring
    在冬天滑雪者会留下或放下椅子,这是难以置信的。在捡垃圾的时候在椅子下面寻找宝藏,看看你能找到什么稀奇古怪的东西和贵金属。yabo亚博 sports app
  • Fly Fish
    Colorado trout are a bit different than anywhere else,使在布雷克附近和周围捕鱼的苍蝇更具挑战性。和某人交谈Breckenridge Outfittersto see what's biting where and string up that rod for an incredible day on the river.
  • 有温泉日
    雷雨几乎每天下午都会在山上翻滚30分钟,这给了你一个在水疗中心度过一段时间的绝佳机会。退房复兴中心在一个滑雪场按摩,修脚或者只是在接待处享受一下加香的水。Check out the 7 best spa treatments here.
  • Get Lost扫雷舰
    蜿蜒穿过Mineshaft Mazeat the base of Peak 8 to really test your navigation skills.Kids love trying to see who can get through the fastest and parents love watching the confusion from the viewing deck above.
  • 骑马去吧
    Embrace your inner cowboy by saddling up to one of布雷克马厩‘ many competent horses.Trail rides are 90 minutes or can be booked over dinner.
  • 参加艺术节
    布雷克在整个夏天为每一种艺术品味举办了一些精彩的活动。亚博体育滚球去河边步行中心看看当地的艺术作品,带上一块布雷克回家。See the event calendar.
  • 巡洋舰骑CruiserBikes_Breck
    Downtown Breckenridge is the perfect place to explore via cruiser bike or townie.Rent one from a bunch of shops in town,包括布雷克运动.
  • Enjoy Happy Hour
    每个当地人最喜欢的下班后活动都是欢乐时光,where the drinks are cheap,the views awesome and the weather perfect.Head to the T-Bar or Kenosha for a few of the greatest decks and brews in town.
  • 征服14岁
    Quandary Peak tops out at 14,265英尺,是科罗拉多州53个传奇人物之一14'ers.开车穿过城镇到蓝河开始徒步旅行(并在早上6点前完成。as you'll need to be off the mountain before 1 p.m.) for some major bragging rights.
  • Go Whitewater Rafting
    AVA Outfitters在布雷肯里奇附近的五条河流上漂流。Whether you're looking for an easy-going float trip or an adrenaline-fueled paddle-fest,河流和向导提供一切。
  • 去保龄球
    Staying at One Ski Hill Place?客人可以使用矿井保龄球馆for free.Two lanes are decorated like an old mine shaft for a historic twist on the nostalgic sport.
  • Say"普罗斯特!"at OktoberfestOktoberfest Breckenridge
    BreckOktoberfestis one of the biggest in the state as Main Street shuts down for more than two dozen food vendors,bier carts,polka music and other traditional German activities.今年的活动将于9月7日至9日举行。
  • Workout
    你觉得外面活动不够?Head indoors to theBreckenridge Recreation Centerto workout,游泳,上课,rock climb or run on the track.Daily admission for an adult is $15.
  • Go on a Haunted Tour
    了解我们当地的传说,like Barney Ford and Father Dyer,as well as what their spirits might be up to now on ahaunted walking tour.
  • Shop
    There are over 200 shops and restaurants in Breckenridge and it can be a challenge to get to them all.一定要停在布雷克体育中心,山谷女孩,Magical Scraps,Mountain Outfitters and more on your trip.
  • 高尔夫球
    They say your ball travels faster at altitude — why not take a swing at that theory at布雷肯里奇高尔夫俱乐部?Head to the beautiful 27-hole Jack Nicklaus-designed course and see how your game improves.
  • Go Ice Skating
    当曲棍球在史蒂芬CWest Ice Arenaon the south end of town,欢迎公众来滑冰。在我们国家最高的溜冰场上测试你的技术。
  • Take a Cooking Class
    退房Culinary Adventure Seriesat Colorado Mountain College — you'll learn how to cook something globally inspired and delicious and get to eat it right there in class.
  • Take a Dip
    宾客Mountain Thunder Lodgecan enjoy one of the best pools in Breckenridge.Feel like cooling off or just sitting poolside for an afternoon?Book your stay at this walk-to-town hotel.
  • Stand-up Paddleboard on Maggie Pond
    The newest craze in the high country is stand-up paddleboarding.Before hitting the rivers,try your balance on Maggie Pond.Demos are held every Sunday afternoon and many shops around town rent boards.
  • Learn how Bourbon is Made波旁威士忌
    这个布雷肯里奇酿酒厂is one of the top bourbon-makers in the world.Take a tour of their Airport Road location to learn their secrets and dine in the new upscale restaurant.
  • Go Off Road
    最多七人乘坐布莱克山的露天游猎风格4×4车辆for a wild tour on Peaks 8 and 7.
  • Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride
    Two companies offerhot air balloon ridesthat give riders views into seven counties in the area.当你对科罗拉多州有一个新的看法时,在布雷肯里奇的最高的山峰上翱翔。
  • Learn About Breck's Flora and Fauna
    Take aguided hiking参观布雷肯里奇,你将了解该地区的历史,local flowers and wildlife and how different 亚博体育滚球summer is from yabo亚博 sports appwinter here.
  • 绘制并创建
    Head toReady Paint Fire在大街上看看你能创作出什么杰作。Reserve your spot for a canvas party and bring your own wine to embrace your inner Picasso.
  • 参加布雷克啤酒节Beer Fest
    On July 7 micro-brewers from around the country will come to Breck for sampling,dancing and admiring the views at the 亚博体育滚球summerBreckenridge Beer Festival.
  • Meet our Firefighters
    我们的英雄是我们的滑雪巡警和消防员。Meet them and see theRed,White,and Blue Fire Museumwith a tour of the building.The Town of Breck formed their own fire department in 1881 and we have some of the original equipment on display.
  • 在拱廊里玩
    Head toDownstairs at Eric'sfor pizza,PacMan and prizes.有一个大型的拱廊,用来招待那些等桌子或只是想进去的人,这家餐馆是布雷克的必去之地。
  • 吊你的脚趾
    Riding a chairlift without skis on feels kind of funny — your feet are so free!Take a scenic chairlift ride on the Colorado Super Chair to hike to Contest Bowl,stop into the Vista Haus,或者徒步返回(这真的是观赏风景的最佳方式)。
  • Have a Bloody Mary at the T-Bar
    这个丁字条他的血腥母马是传奇。你可能以为喝鸡尾酒的时候在喝沙拉,but the views of Peak 8 on the patio are a great distraction from that conundrum.
  • 骑自行车上胡塞尔山口或天鹅山路
    Earn your descent by hoofing it up Hoosier Pass (south of town) or Swan Mountain Road (between Breck and Keystone).这些道路曾是美国的遗址。Pro Cycling Challenge and are some of the most grueling in the area.
  • Kayaking Breck皮划艇蓝色河流
    Practice paddling on the Blue River,which goes straight through town.这个Breck Kayak Park是1,800英尺长,有超过15个功能测试你的技能。
  • 告诉我们你最喜欢的活动
    Tag your一款图片分享应用,,Facebookor推特photos with #Breck to show off your favorite 亚博体育滚球summer activities in Breckenridge.我们会把照片贴到我们的网页上,分享爱。

你觉得我们的名单怎么样?Did we leave anything off?Post your favorites or any tips in the comments section below.

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